open studio


open studio schedule

Tuesday: 10-5 Story and Craft at 11

Wednesday: 10-5

Thursday: 10-5

Friday: 10-5

Saturday: 10-1 Face Painting and Wheel Throwing Demonstrations alternate every Saturday at 11.

Open Studio

For ages 2 and up:

What's Open Studio?

Open Studio creates a great opportunity for children and their caregivers to spend quality creative time together. We have around 10 tables with different projects on them each in different art mediums. You'll find both an example and all the materials needed for each "station". We also have several other stations to experience- a paint wall, lego wall, "Maker's" table, play dough, etc. You'll leave Open Studio with several unique art pieces, and great memories!

In addition to our stations we also have these offerings during Open Studio:

  • Storytime and Craft every Tuesday at 11:00 am

Come dressed to get messy!!! Smocks provided, however some materials may stain clothing.

Open Studio Prices:

One Child- $15 first hour, $5 each additional hour

Two Children- $26 first hour, $5 each child each additional hour

Three Children- $33 first hour, $5 each child each additional hour

Four Children- $40 first hour, $5 each child each additional hour

How does it work?

Just drop in- you sign your child’s name and the time you come in on our list, and you check out when you leave. You pay for the time you’ve spent in the studio.

love open studio? become a member! 

Do you think you’d like to come into the studio more than once a week, and would like to not worry about the time? Then a membership is the way to go!


As always we have our paint wall, play dough, Lego wall, Maker's Table, Giant Weaving Loom, and more......

 Children 10 and under must be accompanied by a caregiver (caregiver included in entry fee.). I heart art will provide ideas, inspiration and materials for people to experience all kinds of art and make bonding memories. Projects will be refreshed weekly. Come create with us!

Love Open Studio? Become a Member! Members get unlimited Open Studio time included in their memberships!! Visit the Membership page for details, or call us at (925) 602-0140.

frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I have to make a reservation for Open Studio?

A: No reservations are required, Open Studio is drop in only!

Q: Can I drop my child off, or do I need to stay with them?

A: Adults are required to stay with their children during Open Studio. Open Studio is a lovely way to spend quality time with your child- so have fun together!

Q: Can siblings younger than 2 years old join in, and is there a fee?

A: We understand that siblings come along on outings, and we love to see the littler ones in the studio. However, our studio is designed for ages 2 and up, so projects are geared for older kids. Please keep a close eye on little ones, as some of our items can be a choking hazard. As for a fee- if the little ones end up using materials, we will charge half price for their admittance. 

Q: Is there a place to eat in the studio?

A: Yes! We have a bench at the front that is our designated "eating spot".

rules and regulations

1. Directly supervise your children at all times. This is a great time to bond together through creating art!

2. Please use all our materials responsibly- we do not allow, dumping of glue, paint or other materials. If your child is not using materials properly, you may be asked to leave the studio.

3. Create art with your child. Please do not bring in outside materials, or additional art projects of your own. You should find what you need at each station, however if you need something different, just ask us!

4. Please leave each station tidy. Cleaning up can be fun! and a great learning opportunity!

5. Place your completed art piece on the drying racks, or in your cubby. DO NOT LEAVE ART PIECE ON THE TABLE.

6. If you need something, please ask our staff. We love to help!

7. When you leave the studio, take a moment to look around and make sure you've left if tidy. Replace your smocks on the hooks, and gather your art work.

8. Unclaimed art will be held for one week, then tossed (or repurposed into our fun signage or new projects!)

9. Please follow the instructions at each station- especially if you've been advise to limit certain types of materials. These instructions are placed intentionally for the benefit of all who use them.