our philosophy

At i heart art we value the creative process more than anything else. We view each art project as a set of opportunities for young minds to make decisions and grow their confidence. We believe that our world needs problem solvers and we see art as a beautiful way to practice problem solving skills. We believe in experimenting, sometimes we might end up with something gorgeous, other times we might end up with a gorgeous mess ripe with many learned lessons, who is to say which experience is more valuable? At i heart art, we are not afraid to get messy and delve deep into our projects while we hold onto the importance of the entire creative process.


about us

Co-founders Abby and Amy are moms, artists and teachers. While working together at a private school for many years, they have collaborated on building their vision for an art studio for children. They have built a network of parents over the years that have grown to love their work with children and have earned tremendous respect for their artistic knowledge and skill in developing young minds.

i heart art is a manifestation of this vision, and will be an oasis for children and their parents seeking a safe, energizing and beautiful place to spend mornings, afternoons or weekends enjoying an art experience in a nurturing environment. All art mediums will be taught by the founders and expert guest teachers utilizing their exceptional skills and experience in teaching young people, and inspiration and creativity will be in abundance.