Discover, experiment, explore, get curious, get messy

At i heart art, the process of creativity is very important. We believe magic happens when people are allowed and encouraged to follow where the creative spirit leads. Practical life lessons are learned, confidence is strengthened, new ideas are formed and maybe something beautiful is made! Or at least a beautiful mess gets made and at i heart art, we definitely embrace the mess! 


find Joy, make art, play, have fun

Whether you are at an i heart art birthday party, open studios, a workshop or a special event; there will be joy to be found.  Our main goal is to create a spot where wonderful things happen. We strive to be a sweet escape for people of all ages to just have some fun.


connect with community

Another i heart art goal is community building. We love when we see new friendships being created along with the art! We also are happy when groups of friends or family come in together for some bonding time. I heart art is a place for people to connect!